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By stopping the dismantling of business conglomerates, and reinstating members of the wartime Japanese government, the US was aiming to rebuild Japan’s economy and its support as an ally in the Cold War.

However by doing so, Washington was unconsciously supporting Japan’s unapologetic position on its past war-crimes, in light of its predispositions about the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

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In fact, many comfort women were found to have become sex workers at US camptowns in South Korea during and after the Korean War.

First, one has to understand that the presence of US military bases in the region dates back from the Pacific war, and was further legitimized in a Cold War context.

The growing domestic opposition to the closed-door South-Korea-Japan agreement made on December 25, 2015, on the comfort women issue, raises questions about the Korean government’s support to the victims of sexual slavery in a context of uncertainty and ongoing military threat from North Korea.

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The comfort women issue becomes a terrain to explore the many intricacies of South Korea’s relationship with Japan and the US, and its significance for future military alliance, economic exchanges and implementation of international law in the region.

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