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Would like to experiment and do things in a creative way. Read more Well I am a simple person with BIG dreams and the confidence to achieve those dreams...The five Indian languages (Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Nepali and Sanskrit itself) that have adapted the Devanagari script to their use also naturally employ the numeral symbols above; of course, the names for the numbers vary by language. Before that epoch, the Brahmi numeral system was in use; that system did not encompass the concept of the place-value of numbers.The table below presents a listing of the symbols used in various modern Indian scripts in comparison to Hindu-Arabic and Eastern Arabic-Indic numerals for the numbers from zero to nine: For numerals in Bengali language and Assamese languages see Bengali-Assamese numerals. Instead, Brahmi numerals included additional symbols for the tens, as well as separate symbols for hundred and thousand.By continue using our website you agree that cookies can be used for improved experience. You’re reading the profile of person who is very positive, active and cheerful. I am very sociable and can find common language with each person.

Unlike other dating sites, we can't guarantee you'll find love but you'll have fun trying on You've Pulled!These numerals are generally used in the context of the decimal Hindu–Arabic numeral system, and are distinct from, though related by descent to Arabic numerals.Below is a list of the Indian numerals in their modern Devanagari form, the corresponding Hindu-Arabic (European) equivalents, their Hindi and Sanskrit pronunciation, and translations in some languages.Read More » Hello Friends, my name is Lalita Maraikayar, from Tamil Nadu, city Coimbatore. I think you are browsing for Tamil Call Girls Mobile Numbers, yes, then you are on right place, this website is full Tamil Girls Mobile Numbers.

I have also joined this site and shared my complete social profile with picture. Read More » Hello Friends, My Name is Jaysara Mudaliar , I am From India Tamil Nadu, City Ambur.

Since Sanskrit is an Indo-European language, the words for numerals closely resemble those of Greek and Latin.

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