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She reportedly achieved sobriety in 2008 when she became pregnant.

In 2009, after her son was born, Foxworth alleged that her baby's daddy, Michael Shaw, was verbally and physically abusive toward her. She even told Oprah's , he was accused of throwing alcohol in his then-girlfriend's face and throwing her on a bed when she tried leaving their apartment in 2007.

Midday radio personality Callie Tennock drops by the podcast to talk about silent audiences, growing up in Lompoc, watching Blue's Clues for too long, bizarre custody schedules, dreaming of trickback riding, starting her radio career, SLOCAL, songs she's sick of hearing, bros, The Early Edition Podcast, talking to herself in the car, becoming a writer, living other lifetimes in your head, lizards that live underground, different perceptions of coral, trying to imagine nothing, developing a radio voice, and sounding like a sexy baby.

Whether they're tagging along at movie premieres or starring with actors onscreen, dogs are celebrities' best friends.

– For every Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes making constant headlines, there's a lesser-known child star (Pippi Longstocking, anyone?

(1989-98) until the show wrote off her character, with no explanation, four seasons into the series.

—, still talk about the inspiration behind one of the songs, “Release.” Frontman Jeff Martin wrote the lyric as an apology to women after watching a BBC story about women’s rights around the world.

When it was released as a single, proceeds went to the White Ribbon campaign, a movement organized by men to end violence against women.

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Proceeds from the live single will go towards the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund (administered by the British Red Cross) to support victims of the terror attack.As we spoke, Bieber struck me as a ­precocious kid, talking about mastering the Rubik’s Cube and spewing forth lines memorized from rap songs and Will ­Ferrell comedies.“Justin is just freakishly good at everything he did or does,” said his mother, Pattie Mallette, a thoughtful, soft-spoken woman so tiny she stood at least a head shorter than her son. At 2, he was having full conversations on the phone. How come if someone’s following you, it’s a crime, but if they’re following you with a camera, it’s just okay?According to the film's director, Tate Taylor, Boseman's por...

If ever I've wanted to live vicariously through a fist, it's Orlando Bloom's as it met Justin Bieber's body two days ago.The Saturday Night Live alum — who also costarred with Will Ferrel in the flop A Night at the Roxbury — was arrested on DUI ... Actually, even sub-rock cultures need to know about this so they can...