01-Aug-2017 17:20

Finding the Love of Your Life is an exciting CD series that reveals the secrets to finding your perfect mate and cultivating a lifetime of happiness with that one person in the world that is perfect for you - your soul mate. Neil Clark Warren's 35 years as a marriage counselor, the series is inspiring, provocative, high energy, and rich with insights that you can apply to your life instantly."The Finding the Love of your Life Series gave me a fresh insight on how to know exactly the kind of person I want to marry.

When you are living the life that you love, you are being your real self. Being yourself puts you in the right place at the right time to meet your love. Being you is very different from what most people mean when they talk about being themselves. As you cultivate self-love, you will start to build a life that you love. I offer in-person programs and workshops through local holistic centers.Since i have know myself i am a outgoing layback down to earth person who enjoy life. Pass by me if you like drama, heavy drinking, living in the past, being disrespectful, dishonest, et Well I am neither gullible or desperate so if you're looking for a mark it is not me.

Considering how cheap she is second hand I recommend picking her up. Shipping prices vary; please send me you zip code/postal code for an estimate. … continue reading »

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