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09-Dec-2017 15:10

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This abuse can include being monitored, stalked, threatened and harassed through hurtful comments, the researchers said.

The findings were based on surveys of teens who visited northern California school health clinics, and don't hint at how common this kind of abuse among teens is overall.

More than 40 percent of the teens said they'd experienced cyber dating abuse within the past three months: 45 percent of females and 31 percent of males.

Ask The Cyber-Dating Expert is a weekly dating advice radio show where we marry love and technology to help singles looking for love online.

They’ve released new findings from hundreds of millions of Ok Cupid user interactions that illustrate some interesting findings related to race and online dating. (Many of which a whole lotta you have likely already asked while clicking around on profiles! For now, here’s a rundown of the popular site’s cyber-dating data: 1. Right now, even on a per capita basis, whites gets more messages than non-whites on Ok Cupid, largely due to the shear number of white users.

Julie was a very early adopter of online dating and was on the Internet before people even knew there was an Internet.

If your date refuses to go on a Skype or video date, perhaps they are hiding something.